Empower your students with a memorable field trip!

High Exposure is a unique facility that fosters growth though rock climbing, ninja obstacle training and team-building challenges.

Our empowering program is designed for all ages and abilities; for the stellar athlete to the complete beginner.

High Exposure’s fun-filled activities include climbing to our toilet, 38 feet in the air, jumping off the Leap of Faith into the abyss below or running up warped walls. Our hands-on staff and coaches will inspire, motivate and encourage your students to push through fear and try new experiences, while being cheered on by their teachers and peers.

A High Exposure Experience will leave a lasting impression, enhancing self-esteem and developing a “yes I can “attitude, that will last beyond our walls.

Join the hundreds of elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges in New York City, Bergen, Westchester and Rockland counties, to make this experience a part of your school’s enrichment plan.

We have the ability to work with the DOE in NYC.

For more information please contact,
Stephanie Shultz, Program Director/Owner.
(201) 768-8600 or email info@highexposureclimbing.com

Camp Groups
Home School
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School Enrichment

Our team building space promotes interactive play and enhances communication and collaboration between all participants.

Your students will experience rock climbing in our Action Adventure climbing room, Ninja Warrior obstacles on our professional course and Parkour gymnastics.

These activities will provide physical challenges for everyone, while bringing your group closer together. They will engage in team activities for all levels of fitness. Our professional athletes and floor staff hosts will make your time with us unique and unforgettable.

Get harnessed and get ready to climb 42 feet off the ground! • Laugh with your fellow students as they mount the toilet bowl 32-feet high up our wall! • Charge full speed up our three Warped Walls! • Race up our Speed Wall side-by-side, or face-to-face up our Glass Wall! • Impress your peers by trying our authentic double-salmon ladder! • Compete on our Team Ninja Warrior Courses! • Jump, Vault, and Leap in our Parkour room!

High Exposure gives everyone a chance to push their limits no matter what their skill level! Students build trust and a renewed sense of kinship with their fellow students. Above all else they will laugh and have a blast while cheering on their classmates

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Camp Groups

Looking for something new for your troop? 

‍High Exposure offers an awesome immmersive experience for Cub Scouts, Scouts, Brownies, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides!

High Exposure gives your squead a chance to utilize all the skills they have been training  through their Scout journey. They will build trust and a renewed sense of kinship with their fellow scouts.  Above all else, enjoy, laugh, and become a supportive part of your group.

We can offer a Merit Badge Councellor at an additional cost for the climbing merit badge if required.

How to book

Home School

Mondays 1 pm-3 pm during school term. Restarts September 1st
Ages 5-16

We offer a new way to keep your children active, healthy, and moving!

‍High Exposure homeschool classes are a great way to let your kids develop key movement and motor skills in a fun, structured, and safe environment. We offer a two-hour class comprised of an hour of fun climbing in our Action Adventure room. And then an hour’s class in our Ninja space, including Parkour dynamic movement skills, Ninja warrior upper body and balance strengths, and stamina based obstacle races.

All classes are overseen by the High Exposure coaching staff, during the fun climbing hour parents are invited to learn how to harness, clip and unclip the kids in class, thus building a greater sense of community for the home school network.

All ages and abilities welcome.
1-7 coach ratio
Must have an adult guardian for free play hour.
Mondays 1:30PM -3:30PM .
Must have 6 for registration.

Book online in advance:

Single day: $25 per participant, $12 to stay and play for an additional hour

Monthly: $95 per month ( 1 class per week, monthly EFT).

Monthly w/ Membership: $135 per month (1 class per week + membership, monthly EFT)

Climbing harness included. (online booking closes 24hrs before the class)

Online Sign Up


Looking for a team building activity for your students?

High Exposure offers a rock climbing,obstacle training and team building games to create both physical and cognitive challenges.

Our program promotes leadership, team-building, self-discovery and it is  great vehicle for supporting individual learning.

High Exposure’s team experiences help develop cooperation,collaboration, and community spirit.

We offer a personally designed curriculum and special program rates for NYCDOE  primary, middle and high school students.

Faculty off sites for professional development is also available with a lunch room and AV.

Our program (9:30 AM-1:30 PM) is designed to rotate students through a variety of challenge and skill building stations that are designed to be fun and will benefit participants in the following ways:

High Exposure is a NYCDOE vendor partner.

Benefits to your School

  • Support the NYCDOE mission of a Strong Schools, Strong Communities environment that does not support any form of mean-spirited behaviors (physically,emotionally, and intellectually)
  • Increase performance tasks as well as enhance analytical and thinking skills through active experiential models of education
  • Deliver an interactive program designed to additionally support the five social emotional learning (SEL) competencies: self-awareness, social-awareness,responsible decision making, self-management, relationship skills
  • Develop a greater sense of trust and support among all school community members (students and faculty)
  • A guaranteed indoor site which is available year-round (M-F) & also within 40 minutes to most NYCDOE schools
How to book

We have raised OVER $55,000 in four years for local communities!

NO MORE running around looking for donations. High Exposure Fundraising is quick and painless. 

Great for:

  • PTA/ Home Schools
  • Ladies Night
  • Men’s Challenge
  • Couples
  • Church Groups
  • Special Causes
  • DJ Dance party with up lighting

Every year High Exposure has helped local schools, charities and nonprofits raise funds to achieve their targets, we offer a donation off admission for groups of 50 or more. The more that come the more money you can make.

We can host up to 300.

It couldn’t be easier!

  1. Set the Date!
  2. Invite 50+ people 
  3. Have Fun
  4. Make money
  5. Brag about your accomplishment!

For booking and more information please contact
Stephanie Shultz, Program Director
High Exposure (201) 768-8600
or email 

How to Book with Us

Booking an event requires speaking with our staff or emailing us a request. If you are emailing us, include a date and a party package, your phone number and a time to get back to you.

(201) 768-8600